Interac Accepted HereWe will continue to have debit for your shopping convenience when we return in 2017! We will also take Visa & MasterCard for orders over $40.

  Smiths Falls Chamber of Commerce

We're proud members of the Smiths Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Come Visit Us in the spring of 2017!

We're right next to The Garden Market.

We are now closed for the season.

Food Has the Power to Nourish…

Food has the power to nourish us as well as kill us. Ask anyone with food allergies – particularly anaphylactic (life-threatening) ones – and they can tell you they really understand the phrase “That which nourishes me, destroys me” (loose translation from the latin, “Quod me nutrit, me destruit”). We understand this very well as we both have
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It's About Community

It’s About Community

As a small business owner, it’s easy to sign up for something (such as social media) and another to you give yourself enough time to follow through. This day and age, marketing – and especially social media marketing – is something every business should be engaging in. For us, it’s a labour of love so
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Fun Kitchen Gadgets

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking and or baking (or know someone that does), it seems like there’s an endless list of tools and gadgets you can get. We’ve covered off some of the basic stuff you need in the kitchen, but these ones fall into the category of fun utensils. We can
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