Easy Bread Pudding

Blueberry Custard Bread PuddingHere’s a bonus for Sunday – easy bread pudding. With dough left over from our T’s Sticks we made yesterday, we had the idea to make bread. It pretty much came out round (think soccer ball) & remained sitting there untouched the following day. We knew needed to do something else with it. After a few moments of consideration, we exchanged one of those “I know exactly what you’re thinking” looks and said “bread pudding” at pretty much the same time.

We went on the search for a good, basic bread pudding recipe and was astonished at the number of eggs it required – anywhere from 4 to 9 eggs! Nope. No way. Like most people, we have a budget to stick to and that includes food items we have for a week. Using about half our eggs for a dessert just didn’t seem practical. The search was becoming frustrating until we came across a simple one that called for making custard from scratch (uses 4 eggs). As luck would have it, we have a tin of Bird’s Custard Powder. It’s easy, convenient and uses no eggs! Perfect. It does use milk tho so make sure you have enough to make it.