Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

The original version of this chocolate chip cookie recipe called for far more sugar than what you see below and once you make and taste them, you’ll see why it was cut back. This is such a great, flexible recipe, you could substitute chocolate chips for crasins, diced dates (or other dried or candied fruit), pecans or walnuts, or do a mix of these ingredients to make a trail mix cookie. You can (as we have done) replace the butter with coconut oil or do half butter and half peanut butter (as long as there are no allergies to contend with). When you use coconut oil instead of butter, they have a slight coconut taste to them but also are quite crispy on the edges.

Regular chocolate chip cookies                                  Chocolate, chocolate chip                                           Peanut butter swirl

2014-11-03 19.15.56                        Chocolate chocolate chip cookies IMG_6752                        2014-06-03 09.35.21