Welcome to T’s Chips …and more. T’s has been around since 1983, but much has changed over the years.

You’ll quickly find we are not your average “chip wagon”. All you need to do is take a look at our menu to see how different we are. Sure we have fries and poutine, but you’ll find some very important differences with our food.

We are dedicated to fresh, locally sourced and scratch-made menu items. We’re offering items that are not sold by other chips wagons. We control the ingredients that go into our scratch-made food meaning there are no added sodium, preservatives, dyes or additives. Where possible, some of the items are gluten free. All our menu items are nut-free.

Interac Accepted HereWe are happy to remind our guests that we will continuing with Interac at T’s Chips …and more, for your shopping convenience. The reason for this is simple. So many of our clients – ourselves included – very rarely carry cash any more and tend to use our debit cards all the time. We recognize this and it was an easy decision for us to say yes to this as a payment option.

We use Square for our point of sale (POS) system. This means that we can go almost paperless for our ordering system but if you want a receipt for your order (as backup to your Interac receipt) , we can send it by text or email it to you at the time your order is placed.

Our Hours of Operation are (weather permitting):

Tuesday       11 AM to 6 PM

Wednesday 11 AM to 6 PM

Thursday     11 AM to 6 PM

Friday           11 AM to 6 PM

Saturday      11 AM to 6 PM

Sunday         11 AM to 5 PM

2024 Holiday Mondays 11 AM to 5 PM (May 20, July 1 and September 2)

LuxLife Award for Best Community Scratch-Made Restaurant 2024 - Ontario