Call for Chefs, Bakers & Food Bloggers

As you may have noticed, we started this blog with an emphasis on cooking with family as well as how easy it is to make food at home, with good nutrition in mind.

We are committed to our blog and getting stuff out as often as we can but now, we are asking for your input. We are putting out a call for chefs, bakers & food bloggers that want to share their family-friendly recipes or nutritional tips & tricks. More and more families are getting together in the kitchen and getting their kids involved. It helps your kids with maths, reading, problem solving abilities and the all-important healthy cooking/baking skills that are almost becoming a lost art.

We always say shop local but on the web, everywhere can be local. If you have a family-friendly, healthy recipe or nutritional tips & tricks, reach out to us and let us share it with others. We support the passionate foodies and if you are or have an aspiring chef or food blogger in the family, make sure you get together with them, cook or bake and take pictures of the creation. Simply send the recipe and photo(s) of it in and we’ll be happy to share this with everyone.

Just remember to include your name (and those of the junior chef or baker), the recipe & photo(s) or blog and send to:

feedme @

We’ll let you know when it will be posted as well as share it on our social media channels.

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