About Us

About UsT’s Chips started in 1983 by a local family. Since then, many things have changed – except the fries. We still have the same carefully prepared fries, but many new menu items. We are about bringing our passion for good food with us and the desire to share it with as many people as possible. When we re-open each April, we will be open every day except Monday’s.

About Robert Firlotte: he was raised in Smiths Falls, left in the spring of 1996 and made his way to Alberta. He worked at the Banff Springs Hotel for three years and learned a ton working in various parts of the hotel. That includes experience with one of the hotels Executive Chefs. Prior to that he had worked at Rob Roy’s in Smiths Falls for a few years. His career in media as a cameraman for 16 years was an interesting one but after being laid off, decided to return to his hometown and pursue his food passion.

A lot of the inspiration for the menu come from the kids (then 12 and 15) because the question always arises – what are we going to eat? Their palates aren’t as sophisticated (yet) so coming up with simple, healthy food they will happily eat, is a little more challenging. It’s also good to involve them with cooking so they learn how to make things for themselves, expand their food tastes and work on their reading & math skills.

We were thrilled to chat with Evelyn Harford of Inside Ottawa Valley in spring of 2018 and you can find the link to the article here.