FullSizeRenderWe may not always have it, but most of us have our favorite dessert. Maybe it’s your fave chocolate cake (home made or store bought), brownies, ice cream, fruit and so on.

We at T’s Chips …and more, feel the same way. We change things up at home by making a batch of cookies or a chocolate cake, tapioca or rice pudding. And they aren’t huge portions either. Keeping things in balance is important. It’s okay to indulge every so often but have cookies or cake one day and fresh fruit the next.

IMG_6625We wanted to have a dessert and toyed with a few ideas – and recipes – before settling on our T’s Sticks. They’re a light, fluffy, yeast-based dough that we deep fry. You may think they’re similar to beaver tails that are popular in the region, but maybe only slightly. The dough is very slightly sweet and are perfect for dipping into the cheese sauce, BBQ sauce or gravy – never mind as we intended.

As a dessert, they aren’t too sweet so when hot and fresh then tossed with either local maple syrup or cinnamon sugar, they’re a perfect finish for your meal. Or stop by to pick some up on your way home to have with your favorite ice cream, jam & whipped cream or maybe some fresh berries.

As we make the dough daily, it’s always absolutely fresh and we cook to order so they’re not sitting around. You’ll have to wait a few minutes for them, but please believe us when we say they’re worth it.