Food Should Be A Pleasure

Food shouldn’t be something you HAVE to just consume. Food should be a pleasure. It should be savoured. Delighted in. Craved. Repeated.

It should also be fresh, locally sourced (produced/grown) and hand-made. That’s what we believe anyway. And it was a bit of a trip for us to get here.

When you’re used to eating a lot of your food items that are pre-prepared (either from the grocery store or a take-away restaurant or cafe) and you find yourself in a position where you need to cut costs, guess what’s the first to go? They may seem cost effective at the time time, but if having your meals out several times a week is the norm, add it all up. A couple breakfasts, lunches and dinners each week can total up to about $100 pretty quickly. In spite of the high costs of raw food these days, that can still buy you a good supply of groceries.

And no, not the pre-prepared stuff either. We’re talking scratch-made dishes. We were both in this position and made the changes to cook for ourselves at different times in our lives, but it was for both cost and health reasons. When you start reading the ingredient lists and the nutritional contents of the food you buy, you start learning a lot. Such as how much salt goes into “cheap” food. Or MSG and other flavour enhancers and chemicals. Wonder why you feel kinda gross after a junk food pig-out? Think about it and wonder no more. We’re no angels – we’re guilty of our indulgences and yes, sometimes over-indulge. But we do our best keep it to a minimum.

We’ve come to enjoy the time we invest into making our meals from scratch now. Yes, invest. Not “take time to make”. It’s our health and the best shot we have at enjoying our lives is the one we’re involved with. You become an active participant in the food you eat. Not just injest. But enjoy. Yearn for. Becomes an experience. Stop laughing!! There’s a lot of pleasure that can be derived from a really well made meal or dessert and even more when you share that pleasure.

You’ll find people that really love food are a passionate bunch. And that my friends, is what life should be about.


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