Food Sources

Interac Accepted HereThese are the companies we are happy to use as our sources for our products. We would also like to note we have signed up for debit to make your shopping easier. We will also accept Visa & MasterCard for orders over $40 (beginning 2017).

As of April 12, 2017, for our guests that are celiac or gluten intolerant, we are very excited to say we will be carrying the Purest Bakery buns for the pulled pork bunwich and our signature burgers! There is a small ($.50) extra charge for the bun. Before today, it was cost prohibitive for us to be able to have this option. A huge thank you to Robin Duncan of Purest Bakery, Perth!

Two additions, Blitzen Estate and Mrs. McGarrigle’s, are both area businesses with high quality products. We are really proud to be able to bring that quality & passion for what they do, to our clients.

We like buying from local sources for two very good reasons: the first is we get to know the business owners and how they stand behind the quality of their products and the second, it reduces our negative impact on the environment. It also allows us to get better pricing for our products and pass that on to our guests.

For more information about any of our food partners, please click on their logo (where possible) and a new tab will take you to their respective websites.


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