It’s About Community

It's About Community

As a small business owner, it’s easy to sign up for something (such as social media) and another to you give yourself enough time to follow through. This day and age, marketing – and especially social media marketing – is something every business should be engaging in. For us, it’s a labour of love so we make time every day. Also, whenever we have some spare time, we’ll hop on Twitter or Facebook and put up a few posts, link to one of our blogs or recipes, retweet posts and chat with folks. Especially chat with the folks that have gone out of their way to follow or friend us, start a conversation or respond to one of our posts.

One reason is, we want to get to know the people in our home town and towns/cities around us that engage & support us. Social media allows us to do exactly that. The way people can connect with one another – as well as businesses these days – is almost inconceivable 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. People have come to expect being able to reach out on social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook. As part of any marketing plan, we know this needs to be addressed and we’re happy to accommodate.

Plus, food is a very visual element. Sure you can describe what something looks like, but it’s far more effective being able to put up a photo. Now if you spread that across website, Facebook & Twitter, you have the ability to reach out to so many more people than if you waited for folks to show up at your business. In addition, if we know someone is going to be coming to see us, it gives us that “Yay! Friends are coming for a visit.” feeling.

But we know it’s not all about us. The ideas behind social media allow us to tell stories and communicate but also share other people’s and organisations information, too. When you share others ideas, it becomes more about community. When you have a community behind you, you can accomplish much more than when you think you’re alone.