Making Learning Fun

Have you been cooking with your kids and when you ask them how much of something they put into the recipe they say, “I dunno” and/or “a little bit”? Well, this is the opportunity to trick them into learning some math skills without them knowing they’re learning. This is the teaching moment for them to gain knowledge about measures, weights and volume. If you really want to challenge them, double the recipe or if it’s too big, cut it in half. Instant math class while cooking or baking.

But kids don’t have to learn about that at their age”. That may be, but how about having a child that knows their stuff when it comes time to learn these things in school. Then who will be ahead of everyone else while increasing their confidence in learning at the same time? Yes. Your kid.

All it takes is to have them cook or bake as you read out the instructions. Make it a game like the TV show “Chef In Your Ear”. The only help you can give them is instructions on how to make something from a recipe. And a good discussion can come from this creation like “What would you have changed in this?” or “Did this turn out the way you expected?” The fun is in eating the final result – no matter what.

This gives you ample quality time with your child while teaching them skills and learning about measures in the kitchen. They will appreciate this when they are older.

Studies show children want to learn in a fun way and there is no better way than trying something like this at home with your children. They might surprise you with ideas and make a dish even better than the original recipe.

Good luck and remember to have fun.

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