Our Food

The idea behind our food is simple. It has to be fresh, locally sourced (as much as possible) and made from scratch. And keeping gluten-free menu items is important to us, too.

With ingredients like premium potatoes, cheese sauces, gravy, mac & cheese bowls (yes, for the kids too), we hope we have something for everyone. In 2017, we added burgers (signature) and a more items for kids’/seniors  in our Kids/Seniors section. We listen to our guests and try to ensure we have items they want (except pogos & processed chicken burgers). This is why the Kids/Seniors items are on there for the kids (and bigger kids with smaller appetites). Guests also wanted the combos to include drinks so now they do. HST is included in all our menu prices.

We change things up each week with our Weekly Features. For a history of our features, please click here. Remember to check Facebook each Friday morning or come out to see what we come up with each week.

All our ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, produced or grown and – where possible – made from scratch as with our gravy, cheese sauce and meat-only burgers (no fillers or binders). We try to have as many of our scratch-made food items as possible, gluten-free (*) and proudly have the Purest burger buns. Our recipes are low in sodium and we use fresh herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of our foods. All our menu items are also nut-free. Except for the people preparing them.

*Prices subject to change. Accurate at the chip wagon.

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For those wanting to be super organised for your order for three (3) or more people, we have our official order chit for you to use. Simply print, fill out and bring with you.