Former Weekly Features

Weekly features keep choices fresh for our guests who come on a regular basis. Some come specifically for them.

We love cooking for our guests but doing the same thing over and over can get to be a bit… well… boring. To combat this, we came up with the idea of doing different features each week. They are usually devised with seasonal items such as maple sausages, blueberries and brie in the spring, apples and pears in the fall and all manner of edible delights in the summer months. Often times, we pull inspiration from the “ugly” shelves of the stores we visit on our weekly re-stocking trips. More often than not it starts with, “What can we do with…”.

No matter where the source comes from, we always do our best to deliver fresh, tasty ideas to our guests. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with what we come up with and other times we get our inspiration from our guests. Any way you look at it, it keeps things interesting. We hope you enjoy them.


(In no particular order)



(In no particular order)