Gluten & Dairy-free Corn Chowder

Gluten & dairy-free corn chowder

We’ve made corn chowder many times in the past and it’s usually made with half & half, whipping cream or at the very least whole milk (the 3.25% stuff) but this time, we needed to construct the chowder without it. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we puzzles this out over a couple of days and came up with Plan B.

We try to accommodate a large number of dietary restrictions when we craft our food and this one is no exception. One of our relatives eats dairy (very sparingly) so when it was time to make dinner for the family, we wanted something that was a perfect autumn dish that is hearty & uses seasonal vegetables.

It’s easy to make and you don’t really need any special ingredients or equipment. You can do it on the stove top (how we did it) or you can chuck it all in a crockpot for 4 to 6 hours, and let it all come together.